Here you can find the materials for the IRIS data analysis tutorial at the IRIS-7 Workshop. This tutorial session is interactive and participants are expected to work from their laptops. After the first presentation there will be an exercise session, followed by hands-on tutorials (see below).

To answer the questions the participants are encouraged to consult the IRIS documentation and resources, in particular the following:


You can download a PDF version of the slides below (about 23 Mb).

Exercises and tutorials

These materials comprise the exercise questions to be done, as well as some tutorials and step-by-step guides. Please do not copy paste from the PDF version directly into the IDL command line (some quotes are changed into a different character and will cause incomprehensible errors).

Answering questions

To answer the questions you will need to visit the website below. Note that the answering session will only be active during the appropriate time. The results will be shown in real time. The answers are anonymous and you don't need to sign up for an account at pollev.com (ignore the message about you not being given credit - we'll give you as much credit as possible).